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Nursing Homes Cost $100K Per Year! Let Us Help You.

Chicago, Illinois

"The uncertainty of the life cycle underscores the importance of long term care planning. Unfortunately, sometimes tragedy strikes and the family realizes in the throes of dealing with the immediate needs of the family member that very little had been planned for such a crisis.

Our family was suddenly thrust into a myriad of tangles and long term care decisions with absolutely no idea what to do first. Ironically our guardian angels led us to a chance meeting with Joe Oettel. His team at Lighthouse Financial put together a very detailed plan to attend to our immediate needs, and identified ways to navigate future uncertainties. Their expertise is a combination of a tight network, years of experience, and five star customer care.

Lighthouse Financial truly was a beacon of light in a dark time. We are beyond grateful that our paths crossed when they did! I highly recommend this group no matter what stage of life you are in today!"

~Beth Robins


Springfield, Illinois


Both Carl and I thank you so much for what you have done for us. From years ago, your kindness and patience helped us see the wisdom of preparing for a future which we knew would come. The time has come, and you have kindly and patiently guided us through each of the very confusing financial steps. 

All of the advice you gave us at the beginning has come to fruition. I, Sophia, have not felt alone. You have been there. You are a busy man and yet have taken the time to answer the same questions without chiding me. I feel secure on the financial decisions which had to be made for my future.

Thanks Joe, for allowing your Elder Care Law expertise, your love for God and helping others that has made us recipients of all the knowledge you have of insurance, banks, medicine, and financial safety for years to come. I reiterate my great respect for what you do and wish others the wisdom to choose early before the need for security arrives. 

Sophia Stanford


Litchfield, Illinois

My husband’s long-term care policy was about to expire and we needed to apply for financial benefits to help with future nursing home costs.

Your expertise in filing for us was invaluable as we had no idea what it entailed or how to proceed. It was a lengthy process, but because of your many years of experience, your vast knowledge of elder care laws, and satisfactorily working through several appeals, we ultimately received the results we had hoped for.

We are forever grateful for your guidance in getting us through this process and will highly recommend you to others who might need assistance

Sherry Kolkhorst


Minonk, Illinois

"The past few years have been difficult for my family. My mother and father were confined to a nursing home a few years ago and their estate was disappearing at an alarming rate. Although they had done some financial planning, they were not nearly prepared for the medical costs they were incurring.

Your expertise in Elder Care Law, knowledge of the associated medical and insurance professions, and familiarity with the people and processes available to assist us in preserving the limited part of my family’s estate was invaluable. We were surprised to see how effectively some of my parents’ assets could be preserved and extended with your help and guidance.

A simple thank you seems so inappropriate considering the debt of gratitude my family owes you. Both your professional and personal support has been deeply appreciated and will not be forgotten."

H.A. Dahlbach 


Springfield, Illinois

"My sister and I are so thankful for the advice that Joe was able to give us when we needed to transfer our mother to a nursing home. He was able to answer our questions and to give us the best advice for her specific situation. He was genuinely concerned about safeguarding Mom’s assets, rather than seeking his own gain, which was refreshing in today’s world. 

When our mother passed away, he was also able to talk us through circumstances regarding our older disabled sister’s finances. After talking to Joe, we felt so much more at ease about protecting our sister’s future going forward."

Danielle Hayes & Lenée Lucas


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